Technology Consultancy

If a company comes to you with a business problem and you solve it by applying technology, and then you help them succeed in the long run  that means you do technology consulting.

To solve business problems, you could use technology in many ways. In my professional context, the main technology consulting instrument is bespoke software development.

Helping companies succeed in the long run is a challenge where bespoke software development might not be enough. That is when consulting part comes in.

In my opinion, key technology consulting elements are:

  1. IT strategy development
  2. Account Management
  3. Knowing client’s industry better than client does.

All three help both client and technology consultancy understand what to develop next to get the most business value out of technology. After all, that is what technology consulting is all about.

Steps For Technology Consulting

The steps of technology consulting is as follows


Optimize social content and measure impact

Discover insights within your social data that go far beyond the metrics provided on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Insights. All-in-one dashboards show how conversations take place, which content performs best and how your audience engages with it.


Simplify reporting and transparency

Save time by extracting the essence of your social performance, justifying your strategies to your team, managers or clients in one click. Schedule, customize and easily run standard reports, or Sotrender can create tailor-made reports to fit your needs.


Track competitor performance and activity

Competitor analysis tracks your competition, so you can benchmark your social media performance against theirs. Conduct a variety of analyses and comparisons, charting content, audience, growth rates, keywords and much more.


Make smarter, data-driven decisions

Sotrender suggests ways to improve your social media strategy with personalized tips. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, then take action and see how your decisions impacted categories like customer service, engagement, audience and reach.



SkillsTech has been working with the Technology Consultancy concept since inception. Being associated with many of the Technology Consultancy projects in both Govt and Non-Govt organisations, SkillsTech is promoting this technology driven structure.

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