Process Simplification

Process Simplification is a process design technique that lets make a process more feasible and manageable through dividing this process into relatively simple tasks, so that every task is carefully observed to detect and remove redundant or wasteful actions and to estimate precise time necessary for implementing corrections. This technique aims to design and plan a process in a manner that is least expensive and consistent with the process’s objectives.

In general, process simplification involves the following activities:

  • Eliminate wasteful or non-value adding actions
  • Reduce process cycle time
  • Remove defects or disconnections between process tasks
  • Increase employee involvement
  • Reduce process cost


Simplification of a process allows reaching greater productivity through reduced use of mental and/or physical employee effort. Productivity improvements also result from minimization of money and time involved in the process. Employees do more simplified jobs with greater performance. Meanwhile, the process keeps to the same objectives; only the process’s structure and resources are changed in order to reach simplification and continuous improvement.


SkillsTech has been working with the Process Simplification concept since inception. Being associated with many of the Process Simplification projects in both Govt and Non-Govt organisations, SkillsTech is promoting this technology driven structure.

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